Simple Sign in and Account Management Module using PHP

Simple login and account management module using PHP & MySQL. Using this module we have to perform login with session management, adding new user, edit & delete user. click here to download source code 1. Creating Database & Table Create a database in MySQL. For example, I've create database "account" for more details

Simple PHP MySQL Pagination Script

Pagination is a frequent requirement part for listing large number records from the database. In this post we will see how to implement pagination for your web development projects. Consider a student profile database with three columns (Register Number, Name and Class).  We will display only 10 records per page. The pre

Alternative for Common Table Expressions (CTE) using PHP & MySQL

In Relational database storing tree data is a common problem. Generally table represent as rows and columns. It is not suitable for represent tree data. Multiple solutions are available to store tree data in the database. In this articles, we'll explore tree (hierarchical) data using Adjacency List Model approach in

PHP MySQLi Create, Read, Update and Delete – 2


In previous tutorial how to creating a connection, creating a database, creating a table using PHP MySQLi. Click here to view. In this tutorial, I have to share how to Inserting data Reading data Updating data Deleting data Deleting a table Deleting a database Inserting data Syntax for the insert data in to a table. $sql = " INSERT INTO table_name (

PHP MySQLi Create, Read, Update and Delete – 1


For dynamic website, web application MySQL play an important role. The term MySQLi means MySQL Improved. MySQLi work with MySQL version 4.1.13 or newer and PHP version 5.0.0. Today I will share how to create, read, update and delete (CRUD) data in database using PHP MySQLi. In this tutorial. How to,